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When to refill?
You have to refill you cartridges before ink in your cartridge completely runs out. Once the cartridge is empty, the ink starts to dry and may clog the nozzle.

How many times I can refill?
It depends on the cartridge condition. You can refill until your cartridges wears out. In general, you can refill 8 to 10 times with the same cartridges.

Refilling will void the OEM's warranty on my printer?
Don't be afraid to use your consumer rights. It is illegal for a printer manufacturer to require you to use any particular brand of supplies. An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cannot avoid your warranty unless they can conclusively prove that other brands of supplies will damage the machine. To enforce a policy such as this is in direct violation of the Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts. Don't be afraid to show this statement to any service person or OEM representative who threatens your right to choose your own supply sources.

About our inks:
We only select the products that meet OUR standard. Most of our manufacturers are certified by ISO-9001 or ISO-9002. Also they have a fine research facility. There are not many manufacturers who can make ink that meet the same specification by OEM manufacturer. If the ink does not meet OEM specification, the printer head on your cartridge may be clogged or destroyed by the ink as well as you would not get the same printing result as with original. Our inks are formulated and tested under strict laboratory conditions to ensure the highest output quality at all times as compared with other OEM products. Atlantic Inkjet inks guarantee that you will get the print outputs as good as the OEM's inks.

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