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Cartridge Evacuator Machine (UNIFILL-300)

Cartridge Evacuator Machine (UNIFILL-300)

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The UNIFILL-300 machine is an evacuator / priming machine that does the following:

  • Evacuates old ink from cartridges
  • Primes cartridges after they have been refilled
  • Works with ANY printer ink cartridge that has printheads (HP, Lexmark, Dell)
  • Brand new machine with 6 month factory guarantee. Warranty card with instructions for repairs
  • or replacement by the factory.
  • Electrical parts are UL approved
  • 120 or 220 volt and plug (just let us know in the comments section which you prefer - 120V for USA or 220V for Europe). There is an extra $50 charge for the 220Volts converter.
  • Comes with clips for all popular HP and Lexmark / Dell cartridges:
  • HP 27/56/58/94/96 and similar models
  • HP 49 and similar models
  • HP 45 and similar models
  • HP 29 and similar models
  • Lexmark 20 and other older models
  • Lexmark 16/17 and other newer models
  • This is the perfect product for a low-cost startup business! Cash in and see how easy it is to turn ink into gold with these convenient and professional machines!

    Inkjet Printers Cartridge Sales are Projected to Grow 35% Annually for the next 10 years!

    (These instructions are intended to be an overview of the refilling process. More detailed instruction manuals are included with the UNIFILL machines)

    • EVACUATE OLD INK - Flip the switch to "evacuate". You will see ink being deposited into a waste tank.
    • PRIME A REFILLED CARTRIDGE - After you have refilled a cartridge, place it back onto this machine to prime the cartridge.

    That's it! Additional instructions with diagrams come with the machine. These instructions include detailed step by step procedures for different cartridge types, as well as instructions on how many ml to fill each cartridge type.

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