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Canon Inkjet Cartridges

Canon inkjet cartridges offer amazing quality printing capabilities that last, but they do not have to be expensive. Atlantic Inkjet offers a wide variety of remanufactured Canon inkjet cartridges at a fraction of normal retail prices. Consumers can find the cartridges they need to fit the exact Canon model printer for a bargain price right here, guaranteed to work and guaranteed to perform up to the same standards buyers have come to expect from even the high priced products. Remanufactured or refilled Canon inkjet cartridges sold by Atlantic save money, maintain standards of quality, and are certain to function correctly when consumers need those most.

Saving money appeals to any consumer; family homes can save on their family photo prints, students can save on their homework printouts, and businesses can save on each and every document they need to work. The process Atlantic uses to collect, clean, refill, and test used Canon inkjet cartridges cuts out the need to purchase the entire cartridge and focuses costs on quality control and quality ink. As a result, big savings are passed on to the consumer without having to sacrifice the standards that come with well-known retail products adhering to industry standards.

Quality standards cannot be underestimated; Atlantic knows this and goes the extra mile to ensure that consumers receive products that follow the same industry standards used to measure all Canon inkjet cartridges. Even the ink refill kits sold, along with remanufactured cartridges; use only the highest quality, specially formulated ink. The ink used is chemically constituted to stop long-term fading, reduce bleeding, and dry quickly once on the page. Quality of the parts is essential to creating beautiful, crisp prints every time. High standards in cleaning and testing of the Canon inkjet cartridges assure not only quality, but functionality as well.

Inkjet cartridges are only useful and the quality apparent if they function properly. Remanufactured Canon inkjet cartridges are tested multiple ways to guarantee they are functioning properly and up to standards. The cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected as well. Atlantic is so confident in these controls that consumers are given guarantees of functionality, reducing the risk for buyers. Canon inkjet cartridges that provide quality prints with guaranteed functionality at a fraction of the cost of normal retail inkjet cartridges make an easy choice for consumers looking for high performance at a more affordable price.

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