HP Inkjet Cartridges

When selecting an inkjet printer cartridge, consumers depend upon names that they can trust. Too often, quality brand names come at a hefty price that can make replacement cartridges overly expensive. Hewlett Packard is a well-known, quality brand name in the world of printing and Atlantic Inkjet offers HP inkjet cartridges that have been remanufactured and refilled in order to fit any budget. Consumers know that HP cartridges are well built, reliable, and fit any number of HP brand inkjet printers or multi-function devices. Atlantic Inkjet brings all the same dependability and compatibility to the consumer at a fraction of the cost.

First, Atlantic brings reliability by systematically remanufacturing used HP inkjet cartridges in a setting that adheres to the highest industry standards used by the original manufacturer itself. The ink used to refill the HP cartridges is specially formulated and rigorously tested for purity. Chemically, the ink is designed to be just as fade resistant and vibrant as any of the other leading industry inks. All cartridges are systematically disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, reassembled, and then refilled with the highest quality ink. Atlantic tests all HP inkjet cartridges to be certain they function properly and meet high standards. With a guarantee backing each cartridge, the consumer saves money without having to sacrifice the standards they have come to expect from HP cartridges and without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Second, compatibility is ensured when purchasing from Atlantic since the products are remanufactured or refilled. The buyer guarantee allows for comfortable purchases that meet all industry standards. Consumers using Hewlett Packard devices expect a certain performance; Atlantic Inkjet provides equal or better performance at a fraction of the cost. Guarantees on Atlantic purchases are in place due to extensive testing and quality control procedures designed to provide customers with HP inkjet cartridges that function as though they were original.

Finally, there is an added bonus to purchasing remanufactured or refilled HP cartridges. Through the use of collection programs, the HP inkjet cartridges sold here help protect the environment. Printer cartridges can be replaced multiple times throughout the year, depending upon usage, and thus put a burden on the environment through the industrial processes used to manufacture them. Recycled cartridges not only eliminate hazardous waste, but also reduce the overall impact of the manufacturing industry. The consumer saves money, HP cartridge quality is maintained, and the process helps care for the environment.

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