Compatible ink cartridge guaranteed to replace Brother LC61Y - yellow

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Have you been hopping from different links and sites in search for a compatible ink cartridge to replace your Brother LC61Y ? Yellow? Well, now that you?re here, your site-hopping has come to an end. Our compatible yellow ink cartridge is a much cheaper alternative from the OEM yellow ink cartridge of the Brother LC61Y. Despite its cheap prices of $3.99, it does not sacrifice quality, and it?s as good as the OEM or probably even better. Its shelf life could last 3 years or more, and it could print up to 325 pages, quite a lot considering its low price. Moreover, if you purchase 3 of these items, the price for each will lower to $3.59, which is a 10% save. The cherry on top of the cake of this cheap yet quality ink cartridge is that it?s not only compatible with the Brother LC61Y, but it?s also compatible with basically every Brother printer, both DCPs and MFCs.


  • Cartridge Type: compatible
  • Color: Yellow
  • Yield: 325 pages (1.2 cents/page)
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
Item #: 150-829-01YELLOW