Continuous Ink Cartridge (CIC) for HP 950XL/951XL - Empty Refillables With Auto reset Chip (Black)

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This is a high capacity continuous ink cartridge, with an easy-refill port, and auto-reset chip. What this means is that the cartridge is made to be 100% refillable and re-usable, over and over. When you start running low on ink, simply add more ink from our REFILL PACK ink bottles, and the cartridge will keep going. As compared to regular / original cartridges, those are made for 1 time use, with a smaller ink capacity, are more complicated to refill and require new chips to get the printer to recognize the cartridge for a 2nd life cycle. Our CIC cartridges are innovative, and unique replacement options not only for regular / original ink cartridges, they are also the perfect alternative to clunky CIS (Continuous Ink Systems) which are also complicated to install and can have issues with tubes getting caught in the printer or air bubbles in the tubes. We believe that our CIC cartridges are the best option for refillers and non-refillers alike, as they are EASY TO USE, RELIABLE, and very low cost! With our refill packs, your cost per cartridge (when compared to the regular capacity of an original brand cartridge) will be around $1 to $2, or 80-90% less.

  • higher capacity than the original or compatible alternatives (typically 20-100% more ink, with extended chambers)
  • works just like an original or compatible alternative (no complicated procedure to install, as easy to install as an original cartridge)
  • no complicated refill technique or equipment needed (with our easy-refill port on the CIC cartridges, just pour more ink from our refill pack when you run low)
  • no additional components or reset equipment needed (with our auto-reset chips that are pre-installed on the CIC cartridges, your cartridge will automatically keep resetting to "full" when it gets low, so you get to keep printing)
  • made for multiple use (unlike other cartridges, our CIC cartridges are made for multiple uses, technically they could last longer than the life of your printer)
  • no hassle, no tubes like with CIS Systems
  • lowest long-term cost! After your first cartridge life cycle, following life cycles will cost you $1 to $2 per cartridge or 80-90% off compared to alternative cartridges
  • high quality, archival and vivid inks (available for sale separately as refill packs)


  • Cartridge Type: compatible
  • Color: Black
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
Item #: 152-066-01Black

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