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Drum Replacement Kit for HP 8500 series

Drum Replacement Kit for HP 8500 series

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HP 8500 series laser printers use 4 color toner cartridges (black, cyan, yellow and magenta) and they also use 4 drum units (black, cyan, yellow and magenta). Most customers are frustrated to find out that they not only have to change the toner cartridges, but by the time the drum units wear out, they have to change the drum units too! has had a toner refill solution for some time for the HP toner cartridges, and now has released a solution for expensive drum units as well: drum replacement kits will save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying new OEM Okidata drum units.

The original drum unit costs are usually over $100 each, so expensive that buying 4 sets of drum units is virtually as expensive as buying a new printer!

The Drum Replacement Kits will bring your existing old drum unit back to life.

This item contains:

  • 1 x new OPC drum* (works in any color drum, black, cyan, yellow OR magenta)
  • 1 x instructions
  • Required: 1 x Chip (available for sale separately)

* OPC drum refers to the cylindrical drum unit which is part of the main drum cartridge. The OPC drum is usually blue or green in color, and this is the physical part that wears out and needs replacing.


This drum kit comes with detailed instructions for replacing the OPC drum (usually green or blue) and fuse. In order to remove the old parts and install the new parts that are included with this item, you need to take the drum cartridge apart. We include instructions on how to do this, and it is important to note that the difficulty level is significantly higher than with our regular "DIY Toner Refill Kits". This product offers tremendous cost savings compared to buying a new OEM drum cartridge, or even a remanufactured drum cartridge from another source, however it does require technical skills and approximately 10 - 20 minutes per drum. Detailed, illustrated, step-by-step instructions are included.

  • Refills: 1
  • Shelf Life: 4 years

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