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DuraFIRM Ink Refill Bottles for Canon Pixma G1200 / G2200 / G3200 / G4200

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These are refill inks compatible with the Canon GI290 ink tanks (for the Canon Pixma G1200, G2200, G3300, G4400 and other compatible printer models). The black is a PIGMENT black, and the colors are DYE (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow).

Simply pour into the ink tank, and reset the ink level counter as follows:

Hold down the Black button or the Color button for at least 5 seconds. The Alarm lamp goes off and the remaining ink level counter is rest.


Item #: 110-424-01Black (Pigment Black)
110-424-01Cyan (Cyan)
110-424-01Magenta (Magenta)
110-424-01Yellow (Yellow)