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Durafirm Ink Refill Kit - 4 Color - black cartridge, Color

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The Durafirm Ink Refill Kit is all that you need in your next big printing project. It is currently the most popular inkjet refill and the latest of its kind being sold by Durafirm. The kit is sold in premium combo packs. This means that aside from having the basic colors, the kit has the necessary tools that is needed for refilling process. In this way, you can have a smooth printing workflow. The kit includes 2 bottles of black ink and 1 bottle for each colored ink cyan, yellow, and magenta. It also has refilling tools such as syringe, filling needle, and sealing plugs to ensure no ink will be wasted. The kit is high quality and efficient that it can do refills of up to 8 times. Having that said, Durafirm Ink Refill Kit can save you a lot of money. If you think that constantly buying ink for your printers is a little bit too expensive, then you may opt to buy an ink refill kit instead so that you can just refill your cartridges when they run out of ink. Our ink refill kit comes with a bottle of UV resistant and waterproof Durafirm black ink and Durafirm colored inks (magenta, cyan, and yellow). It also comes with a syringe, needle, and other refilling tools needed for the job. If it?s your first time, then you?ll have no problem because the kit comes with a set of detailed instructions and a DVD manual.


  • Refills: 6 to 14
  • Shelf Life: 4 years
  • Formula: Durafirm Technology / UV Resistant
Item #: 155-100-01PREMIUM