Durafirm Ink Refill Kit - black cartridge

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Our ink refill kit helps you save by allowing you to refill any inkjet printer cartridge for a maximum of 7 times. This product comes with free technical support as well as an entire set of refilling equipment for any inkjet printers. Amazing, isn't it? It is convenient since you can do the refill yourself in less than ten minutes. Our Durafirm ink refill kit is premium, thus of the best value in the market. Like all our inks, it is made of high-quality technology. The technology embedded includes archival ink, which ensures the prints are long lasting, waterproof, smudge resistant and also UV resistant. Try our Durafirm ink refill kit for the best quality and latest technology. If you prefer refilling your own ink cartridges instead of buying new ones or refilling at the store, then you?ll need a good ink refill kit. Durafirm ink refill kit is one of the best that you?ll be able to find in the market. Our store provides full Durafirm refill kits complete with Black Durafirm ink, refilling tools, cleaning solution, and instructions. The refilling tools include the syringe, sealing plugs, and blunt filing needles?all of which are needed for when you pump ink back into old cartridges. If it?s your first time to use a refill kit, then you?ll have an instruction manual complete with a CD so you?ll learn easily.


  • Refills: 3 to 7
  • Shelf Life: 4 years
  • Formula: Durafirm Technology / UV Resistant
Item #: 155-101-01PREMIUM