Remanufactured HP 3YP32BN (HP 67XXL) inkjet cartridge - extra high capacity color

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This is the XXL (Extra High Yield) equivalent of the HP 67 ink cartridge. HP offers the HP 67 ink cartridge (which has 100 page yield), the HP 67XL ink cartridge (which has 200 page yield) and the HP 67XXL (which has 400 page yield). This is a remanufactured HP cartridge (equivalent to the EXTRA HIGH YIELD HP 67XXL color cartridge. This remanufactured HP ink cartridge is manufactured under stringent quality control standards and is systematically inspected, disassembled, cleaned and refilled with 100% new ink which is made in the USA. Besides the exceptional printing quality, this HP remanufactured ink cartridge also gives you an economical alternative to buying expensive OEM (Genuine) HP ink cartridges.

Include: HP 67XXL (3YM55AA/3YM58AA/3YP32BN) High Yield Color

Interested to know how come the same cartridge style / size can have different page yields? While the external cartridge shell is the same size for all versions, the difference between the HP 67, HP 67XL and HP 67XXL is based on how much ink they each hold. In the HP 67 (standard yield version), HP has a very small ink chamber inside the cartridge. In the HP 67XL (high yield version), HP expands the ink chamber to double the size. In the HP 67XXL, the ink chamber is expanded to 4x the size. In this remanufactured cartridge version that we are offering, the remanufacturer has expanded the ink chamber to the largest possible capacity - providing you with 4x the ink, therefore 4x the print yield / print capacity of the standard yield HP 67 cartridge - so you are getting the EXTRA HIGH YIELD capacity / output. Even though HP has not released the HP 67XXL color (yet), the remanufacturing factory is able to produce the extra high capacity yield by breaking down the dividers / increasing the amount of ink in the lower capacity shells.


  • Cartridge Type: remanufactured
  • Color: Color
  • Yield: 400 pages (5.7 cents/page)
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
Item #: 152-345-01