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DTG Direct to Garment Ink

When it comes to direct to garment printing, you will need special ink. Our range of DTG printer inks ensures intense high-quality prints for your garments. With our inks, you can be assured that they're compatible with your Epson-based engine DTG printers.

We offer three brands of inks: DTG Pro, Dupont, and Image Armor E-Series. DTG Pro and Dupont inks offer first-rate professional-grade prints for your garments. Meanwhile, our Image Armor E-Series inks offer a faster curing time while simultaneously leaving your wiper and capping station clean, allowing for better performance.

Each bottle of ink can be found in a variety of sizes - from 250ml bottles to as big as 10 liters, ensuring that all your printing needs are met. With our selection of DTG inks, you will receive superior-quality outputs for your garments.

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