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DTG Direct to Garment Printers

Want to see your own design on a t-shirt or hoodie? Our selection of DTG printers will allow you to print your own designs directly onto your preferred fabric.

We offer several models of DTG Pro printers and all at a more affordable price. Each one of them uses high-quality engines and inks to produce striking and intensely colorful prints on your chosen textile or fabric.

With our DTG Pro printers, you can unleash your inner creative and make unique personalized pieces of apparel - from hats to t-shirts. Whether for personal or commercial use, our DTG Pro printers will give you superior prints, directly onto your garments.

DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION Direct to Garment Printer - Made in the USA

Price: $3899.99

Item #: DTG-PRO-P600EVO

DTG PRO L1800 FUSION Direct to Garment Printer

Price: $3699.99

Item #: DTG-PRO-L1800FUS

DTG PRO P600 FUSION Direct to Garment Printer

Price: $4399.99

Item #: DTG-PRO-P600FUS

DTG PRO P800 FUSION Direct to Garment Printer

Price: $5998.99

Item #: DTG-PRO-P800FUS

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