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DTG Printing (Direct to Garment Printing)

DTG Printers are the wave of the textile and t-shirt printing future. DTG stands for Direct to Garment, which is fast, custom, and on-demand printing technology. A DTG Printer is a digital (inkjet) printer that uses DTG ink (direct to garment ink) to print directly to textiles such as t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothes such as hats, shoes or jeans. Much faster and easier to use than screen printing, a DTG printer is also much cheaper than screen printing and allows you to print truly custom designs with minimum 1 qty runs! With screen printing, you would need to print hundreds of the same design to make it worthwhile. DTG ink is specialized ink for textile printing and is available here from popular manufacturer brands such as DTG PRO, Dupont and Image Armor. We offer high end DTG printers from DTG PRO at significant discounts as compared to MSRP and other DTG printer brands. We offer the L1800 DTG printer, the P600 DTG printer and more. Choose your DTG supplies from Atlantic Inkjet and enjoy world class service and support, with the comfort of DTG PRO quality printers and DTG inks.