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Refilling Equipment

UNIFILL Refilling Machine

For the professional remanufacturer, we offer an inkjet filling machine which can refill all inkjet cartridges with print heads. This includes all HP's and Lexmarks. Increase your efficiency and cartridge success rates by filling with machine, the UNIFILL 500 is the perfect low-cost solution to bulk refilling. Hundreds of refill stores across the world are using this filling machine. Other refill machines cost 3 or 4 times as much and do exactly the same thing.

Why buy the UNIFILL refill machine?

  • Fills all inkjet cartridges with print heads
  • Fill up to 20 cartridges per hour
  • Comparable to other refill machines which sell for over $3,000
  • Buy today for under $1,500!

Black AND Color Cartridge Ink Filling Machine (TOTALFLEX)

Price: $1299.99

Item #: 155-201-01

out of stock

Cartridge Evacuator Machine (UNIFILL-300)

Price: $499.99

Item #: 175-101-01

out of stock

Black AND Color Cartridge Ink Filling Machine (UNIFILL-900)

Price: $1799.99

Item #: 175-100-01

out of stock

Maintenance Kit for UNIFILL-500 refill machines

Price: $79.99

Item #: 145-108-01

out of stock

Digital Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner for high quality inkjet cartridge Cleaning

Price: $199.99

Item #: 155-208-01

out of stock
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