Sublimation / Transfer Printing

The main printing technology featured here is heat transfer printer technology which is affordable and is a popular custom print method for small run custom t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Dye sublimation is a sub-type of heat transfer printer technology. Here are the main differences:

In sublimation printing, your designs are printed using the sublimation printer to specialty paper, which is then heat pressed to transfer your t-shirt or mug etc (your substrate), and the sublimation ink/toner essentially bonds chemically to your substrate so it will never crack or peel. That is the benefit of sublimation, however the limitation of a sublimation printer is that it will only work on white or light colored fabrics, and also limited only to polyester. It can however be used on hard surfaces such as water bottles or personalized pens.

By comparison, heat transfer printers allow for your designs to be applied to a wider range of fabrics (cotton is the best substrate), and also to a wider range of fabric colors (including dark or black garments). The downside of transfer printing is that it is not as durable as sublimation printing, but it is cheaper. Buy your Transfer and Sublimation Printing Supplies from us and enjoy world class service and support, backed by Uninet product quality.